Collective Agreement Singapore Airlines

The workers concerned receive compensation on terms negotiated and agreed in the collective agreement with the union, she said. Among other things, the staff concerned will be taken care of until 31 March next year for hospitalizations and surgical expenses and, if necessary, for repatriation. The PSB agreement applies to 2011/2012, GJ 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. The PSB must be paid to authorized agents by July 7 of each year in which the bonus is established. The benefits are in accordance with the group`s collective agreements with its unions. Members` interest in associative affairs ranged from great interest in collective bargaining to a minimum in the intervening years. With the recruitment of more national pilots into the company, national pilot membership in the association is beginning to become more expatriate members. On behalf of my colleagues in the Union, I would like to express our gratitude for your continued support, patience and encouragement. In these difficult and difficult times, the company and the Union have followed negotiations and the cautious approach of both sides and have enabled us to reach an amicable and acceptable agreement. .

On Thursday, the AIS announced the elimination of about 20% of its workforce, or 4,300 positions, amid the Covid 19 pandemic that paralyzed air traffic. . Since then, we have evolved a lot and established a Union made up of local pilots, while maintaining our membership to more than 2000 members. The Fair Labour Commission will then compare the Singapore Airlines 2017 collective agreement with the Flight Operations award to ensure everyone is better, and as soon as the Fair Work Commission is satisfied, the agreement will start operating seven days later. The staff involved began receiving e-mails informing them of briefing appointments, which are either physically organized in the AIS training centre or by telephone when the staff member is currently abroad. SINGAPORE AIRLINES UNION COLLECTIVE AGREIVE 200 (VARIED) (INCORPORATING SINGAPORE AIRLINES CARGO) 1. TITLE 1.1 This agreement is called the Singapore Airlines Union Agreement 200 (Varied). 2. DEFINITION 2.1 “Law” refers to the Labour Relations Act 1996, as amended from time to time. 2.2 The “prize” refers to the 1999 Overseas Airlines Award.

2.3 “Commission” refers to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. 2.4 “full-time employee,” an employee who, from the week, is employed in groups A, B and C and months per month for group D and over staff and who works 38 hours per week, except during food breaks, from 7 to 7 p.m., including Monday to Friday. 2.5 “Employment Employee,” a worker employed in accordance with the company`s employment-sharing policy. 2.6 “part-time worker,” a worker who can work the day or work shifts and who works up to 30.4 hours per regular week or 60.8 normal hours per fourteen days.

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