Logmein Service Level Agreement

ALS administration is important because it provides a framework for the creation of ALS and allows you to see if the quality of services you provide or receive matches the correspondence agreed in ALS. Prepare clearly defined support expectations and monitor how service level agreements apply to your operating hours. LogMeIn Rescue is a web-based remote support and support service used by Helpdesk experts to provide remote support over the Internet without the need for pre-installed software. With LogMeIn Rescue, support and service experts can communicate with end-users via an internet chat window to diagnose and fix computer problems. Once the end user has given permission, the support expert can access the end-user`s computer, view it, or take control to perform the necessary support actions or to train the end user in the use of software applications and operating systems. The company is accused of automatically renewing its customers` subscriptions without telling them that the annual cost of using its cloud-based services has increased. These service descriptions, along with the current order and use conditions, available at www.logmeininc.com/legal/terms-and-conditions below, are the “contract” applicable to the services to which you subscribe. We reserve the right to update these service descriptions from time to time without notice. Unless otherwise stated in the Terms of Use, your continued access to the Services and their use will indicate that you accept the terms of use in effect on that date. With SolarWinds Service Desk, maintaining service levels and making your SLAs available remains simplified, even if your business grows. Bold360 Service (fka Bold360 ai) is a digital interaction solution that includes Bold360 features and self-service functions based on artificial intelligence, which can include (i) customer-oriented chatbots, virtual agents and FAQs; (ii) a knowledge base for the management and provision of content; (iii) analyses that help to understand and optimize customer loyalty; and (iv) artificial intelligence to improve agent productivity and content cure. The customer can only provide Bold360 service on external customer sites, messaging chains or similar channels that support potential customers or customers. Two software environments are made available to the customer for the knowledge base (unless otherwise agreed in an order) in which the customer can manage and provide content (a knowledge base for production and a knowledge base for development, provided that the development environment is limited for the purposes of testing and internal customer staging).

The company announced that it would begin charging people in January 2014 to use the free version of its remote management tool, so that they can only switch to LogMeIn Pro for seven days in real time. Prior to this change, the service had been used free of charge over the past 10 years. VoIP services consist of our Jive and GoToConnect services. The Jive service offers users cloud-based voIP, messaging and contact center services, as well as associated activation hardware. Our GoToConnect service combines audio, video and screen sharing features with cloud-based telephony and messaging services, including associated activation hardware, to provide a fully integrated application that allows users to connect and communicate internally or externally via a web browser or downloadable app.

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