Validity Of Leave And License Agreement In West Bengal

Unlike a tenancy agreement, the lease and licence agreement does not give the tenant the right to enjoy the property. This is a licence that the owner has granted to the licensee in order to use the property for a specified period of time, subject to certain conditions, without establishing an agreement between the landlord and the tenant. For the duration of the contract, the right of ownership is retained by the owner. By definition, it is a document that gives someone the right to do something in a property or to continue to do it. There is no transfer of real estate, but only the right to enjoy a short-term property, while the owner maintains full interest. The Leave and License contract creates a more relaxed owner-tenant relationship compared to the normal rent. In places like Mumbai, they are often used as an alternative to leases and other similar documents. However, if you go through the WB Rent Act, it would be called a tenancy agreement under the Transfer of Ownership Act. One of the most common real estate functions, even simple people like you and me, is renting. In metropolitan cities and cities with large populations, rental housing and hence leases have become a necessity. While everyone agrees that a lease must be concluded, most do not understand the impact of not having one. “…

Where a document confers only the right to use the property in a particular way or under certain conditions, while it remains in possession and under the control of the owner`s owner, it is a licence. The legitimate property still belongs to the owner of the property, but the licensee may use the premises for specific purposes. But for the authorization, its occupation would be illegal. It does not create interest in the property in its favor. 1. If you are confused about the right to apply your situation, leave this position to your lawyer, he will take care of all the provisions that might apply to this situation. 2) It is necessary to report on holiday and in a licensing agreement that the licensee retains ownership and ownership of the ground floor. This agreement, often used to replace the good old lease, is now widely used in cities such as Bombay.

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