Which One Of The Following Statements About Power Sharing Agreement Is Correct

Answer: The following regulatory reasons are mentioned in the power-sharing passage. (a) Reducing corruption by power in the hands of the people and thus responsibility for their own decisions. b) increase administrative efficiency by delegating the decision-making function to those affected. c) improve the efficiency of the system by reducing the number of intermediaries and transferring panchayat planning and implementation to those affected. A. the spirit of democracy. B. Separation of powers at different levels. C. Control mechanism system. D. a kind of clearing forces. Correct answer: (THE VERY SPIRIT OF THE DEMOCRACY.) 4.

A system of checks and balances is another name that is governed by one of the following power-sharing agreements: a) power-sharing between different social categories. b) Vertical distribution of power or power relations distributed among different levels of power. c) The horizontal division of power or power, distributed among the various organs of government. (d) power-sharing in the form of political parties, interest groups and governments. 1. What are the following characteristics of forms of power-sharing in India and Belgium? Has. Power is shared by governments at different levels. B. Power is shared among different government bodies.

C. Power is shared among different social groups. D. Power is shared between the different parties and takes the form of competition. a) A, B, C, D b) B, C and D (c) A and C (d) A, C and D A. Separation of powers. For example, the municipal government. C. Coalition government.

D. Federal separation of powers. Correct answer: (DIVISION FEDERAL OF POWER.) A. In Belgium, the heads of state and government have recognized that the unity of the country is only possible through the sharing of power. B. In Sri Lanka, the majority community wants to impose control over others. C. In Sri Lanka, the requirement for greater autonomy for Tamil-inhabited provinces was met. D.

The division of Belgium from a linguistic point of view was averted by the division of power. Correct answer: (IN SRI LANKA, THE DEMANDE FOR MORE AUTONOMOUS PROVINCES POPULATED BY TAMILS HAS BEEN GRANTED.) 6. Consider the following statements regarding the ethnic composition of Sri Lanka: A. The major social groups are the Sinhalese (74%) Tamil (18%)? B. Among the Tamils, there are two subgroups, the Sri Lankan Tamils and the Indian Tamils. C. There are about 7% of Christians who are both Tamil and Sinhalese. D. Most Sinhalese are Hindus or Muslims and most Tamilophones are Buddhists. Which of the above statements is the right one? a) A, B, C (b) A, B, D (c) B, C, D (d) A, B, C, D 7. Prudential Reasons for power-sharing point to the facts: A.

It guarantees the stability of the political order. B. It reduces the possibility of conflict between social groups. C. It gives a fair share to the minority. On .C is the spirit of democracy.

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