Wisconsin Marital Separation Agreement

Physical separation does not change the legal status of a married couple, it is simply the act of moving from the family home or parts of the family home. This can be done without filing with the judicial system and can be treated privately if the spouses can reach an amicable agreement. Physical separation is generally a precursor to legal separation, but this is not always the case. For example, if one wants to continue to benefit from the benefits of a spouse`s health insurance, the person must nevertheless be married to that other party. However, this is not always possible after a separation, as it depends on your insurer`s rules. In addition, a person may have certain religious beliefs that do not tolerate divorce. A separation can ensure that the couple is still married; However, it creates the desired legal space between spouses. In addition, the separation of the law may end if there is a possibility of reconciliation, a better option for the parties. References: [1]Wisconsin Statute 767.315, Causes of Divorce and Separation of Body, [2] Revocation of Judgment, [3] Former Spouse Protection Act, [4] Tax Law, [5] Wisconsin County Circuit Courts Forms Racine Divorce Lawyer Tip: Creditors and creditors are not bound by your marriage comparison contract.

Therefore, if your name is on a mortgage or other loan, the lender or creditor may come after you to pay the loan, even if the marital transaction agreement requires your spouse to repay the loan. Couples who wish to legally separate must file documents in court. The procedure for obtaining a separation of bodies is largely identical to that of the divorce proceedings. The parties must file a joint petition or petition on separation in court. The courts will always make a final judgment that will deal with all aspects of marriage separation, very similar to that of a divorce. In a marriage contract in Wisconsin, support can be paid by one party to the other or not. If support is payable, the matrimonial settlement agreement must indicate who pays child support, who receives child support, the amount of child support paid per month and the length of time (in months) paid on conditional basis.

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